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Team Work Afrika (TWA) is a local based, non- governmental, non-profit making organization, dedicated to establishing and maintaining developmental programs, finding and providing opportunities for children who are victims of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Cholera, Hepatitis, Diabetes, Pneumonia and absolute poverty, man-made and natural catastrophic conditions in Uganda. It was established in 2008, with an aim of promoting children’s rights and mobilizing resources for their well-being.


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Our Programs - Improve livelihood through Agriculture

Improve livelihood through Agriculture

Farmers Training on improved Agriculture
Agriculture is the back borne of Uganda`s economy. Over 80% of the population are involved directly in farming or depend on agriculture related services for their survival. Despite the fertile soils, favorable climate and conducive markets, the rural farmers have remained poor due to inadequate extension services, unguided enterprise selection, lack of information and access among others.
Team Work Afrika agriculture expert(John Bosco)
showing a farmer proper cotton farming methods

Team Work Afrika (TWA) in its mission and vision of addressing the millennium development goals (MDGs) has identified the following as practical solutions for poverty alleviation:

 Good agricultural practices (GAPs)
 Enterprise cost/benefit analysis
 Post harvest handling and storage
 Value addition
 Markets and marketing linkages

Enterprise focus:

Our enterprise focus mainly relies on improving:

 Organic farming
 Piggery
 Poultry
 Apiary
 Fish farming
 Livestock
 Markets and marketing linkages
 Farming as a business

Improved nutrition through backyard gardening
Piggery project(TWA income generation)

With the above solutions in place, the Uganda rural farmers will have their socio-economic status improved. This means increased food security, reduced malnutrition, improved biodiversity, low pest and disease incidences with reduced gender based violence.

Improved yeids through Agricultural trainings Team Work Afrika agriculture expert (John Bosco)
demonstrating to farmers an Improved
Manure collection and use

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