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Team Work Afrika (TWA) is a local based, non- governmental, non-profit making organization, dedicated to establishing and maintaining developmental programs, finding and providing opportunities for children who are victims of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Cholera, Hepatitis, Diabetes, Pneumonia and absolute poverty, man-made and natural catastrophic conditions in Uganda. It was established in 2008, with an aim of promoting children’s rights and mobilizing resources for their well-being.


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Our Programs - Creativity


- That is knowledge of our creative potential adding valve to activities and products, giving a chance our minds to develop new ideals or new ways looking at the old things.

- Interest in other creative innovations of other people in science and arts. Back to programs page




In his home village of Bubwika, Joseph Mwesige lives a life darkened by many things. The prevailing poverty is apparent in the type of clothes he wears and the work he does. At thirty, making bricks is backbreaking task even for those people with sight. But there he was in his rugged clothes stained by the mud of bricks as he groped his way to find where to lay the fresh brick to dry.

Mzee Benezeri Mugasa, his guardian is 80 years and also frail with the weary life. He has good words about Joseph who is working better than some normal boys.

About 5000 bricks are piled to dry in different places. He feels his way to avoid the different obstacles that may disturb his progress. At times he stumbles onto hurdles and falls but all the time he raises and continues with the onerous task of earning a living. His physical vision may be damaged but that has not blurred his mental and emotional aspiration to a better future. His perpetual thought is whether he will ever see the light again like he last saw it more than ten years ago before he went blind.

After some time he sits to tell a touching story that revolves on a strong hope that providence could change the course of his history.


‘I was born in Bubwika Village, Bunyangabu County, Kabarole District in Western Uganda. I lived with my mother and sister till the age of five years. My father was almost always away on his various business arrands, He was a disco Jockey and but also a part time farmer. When he was around on the less festive days of the week like Monday to Wednesday, life was normal like that of any other child.



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