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Team Work Afrika (TWA) is a local based, non- governmental, non-profit making organization, dedicated to establishing and maintaining developmental programs, finding and providing opportunities for children who are victims of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Cholera, Hepatitis, Diabetes, Pneumonia and absolute poverty, man-made and natural catastrophic conditions in Uganda. It was established in 2008, with an aim of promoting children’s rights and mobilizing resources for their well-being.


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Our Programs - Community Awareness on Home Based Violence

Community awareness on home based violence (Against Woman and Children)

As an organization, we have been much involved in women and children rights advocacy in schools where children and teachers are directly involved. The awareness will continue throughout the country, challenging the policy markers and development partners to join the team in ending all forms of violence against our mother and children. A domestic violence study was conducted in both local and police cells and the findings were that 76% of the cases reported were gender-based violence with 24% as theft and burglary, child trafficking, simple assaults and land associated cases. All this is a testimony of human rights abuse though with different originating forms. The situation is never reported due to cultural norms that women are part of man’s property where woman-beating is sign of supremacy as men are the breadwinners and women succumb to this silent vice coupled with a fear of exposing the men’s indecent behaviours, even where some men hold public offices and positions of responsibility, a phenomenon that has been passed from generation to another.

It is common for women to suffer beatings at the hands of their husbands, but many of these crimes go unreported or unmitigated due a poor system in addressing human rights among the victims.


The traditional and cultural beliefs that men are supreme in the household often fail to recognise how devastating domestic violence is to the lives of the affected women and children. This aggravates into socio-economic problems where poverty is rampant in rural areas especially where the household income is very low.

Conference on home based violence organised by Team Work Afrika  


Uganda's poorest people include hundreds of thousands of smallholder farmers living in remote areas scattered throughout the country where men have the economic power in the homes, dictating family budgets, and the number of children their wives must produce. This puts women in a vulnerable position as they often bear the brunt of multiple childbirths, maternal mortality, sexual harassment, and domestic violent in families.

Our Strategies:

These include but not limited to:

• Sensitisation of the communities to empower the women to fight the bad socio-cultural and traditional way of life to raise their voice in stopping gender based violence.
• Advocacy on proper allocation of the scarce resources for women and children leading to a low level of tension between women and men arising from the skewed nature of expenditure, and/or priorities on the limited income.
• Use the police in community policing in addressing cases of high incidences of alcohol consumption among male heads of families. Increasing cases of extra-marital affairs which lead to domestic violence. Apart from the health risk of alcoholism, this behaviour often leads to quarrelling and fighting among spouses, ending up in battering of women and abuse of children. Because of their economic dependence and attachment to their children, it is important to note that women tend to stay too long in unhealthy or violent relationships.
• Reducing the tendency of early marriages: Poor families tend to force girls into early marriages because of the material benefits (bride price) and this often leads to young mothers that are neither physically ready nor emotionally prepared to care for the children. The high maternal and infant mortality rates are due to complications of pregnancy and/or at child birth.


Training of local leaders on Home Based Violence Prevention.
Empower women to reduce cases of Home Based Violence  

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