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Team Work Afrika (TWA) is a national, non- governmental, non-profit making organization, dedicated to establishing and maintaining developmental programs, finding and providing opportunities for children who are victims of HIV/AIDS, absolute poverty, malaria, man-made and natural catastrophic conditions in Uganda. It was established in 2008, with an aim of promoting children’s rights and mobilizing resources for their well-being.


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Abbiee Emmons; a US supporter of African Child !

About Abbiee Emmons

Growing up, I was always fascinated by music. It was my getaway, my creative play land, my other world. I could get lost in it, like a thick forest and no care if I ever found my way out. I took piano lessons when I was little, and I just kind of fell in love with it. I was never forced to spend time in music, it was always purely for joy. I started writing songs when I was maybe 12 years old. I liked rhyming things and could appreciate a good melody, one that got stuck in your head. But once I started to learn more about this beautiful world and what everything means, I realized that music was a divine mode of transportation to get my deepest feelings out into the atmosphere. I feel like I've been given this amazing understanding of truth – the fact that we are all powerful, all divine students with fire blood and spirit-kissed bone. We are important. We can change things. The world.


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